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>> reporter: highways turned into parking lots overnight. emergency crews rescued dozens of people forced to spend the night in their cars on new york's long island. >> put on the three layers of clothing i brought, threw some blankets over my and went to sleep. >> reporter: in connecticut, workers tried to keep the sidewalks outside their businesses clear. >> plows keep blocking you in. >> reporter: connecticut's give is asking people to stay off the roads so plows can clear the streets. many people would have trouble even getting to their cars. here in hartford, many vehicles are buried under the snow. it's a similar scene in massachusetts. streets in worcester are filled with people digging out their cars. >> this is a lot of snow. i missed my truck and i missed my indoor garage. >> reporter: in boston, some residents chose to run or walk before the governor lifted a ban on driving. and along the massachusetts coast, some people had to leave their homes because of flooding. as the storm moves further out to sea, power crews are working
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to get electricity back to about 650,000 customers. and i should mention that the governor here in connecticut lifted the travel ban earlier today. back to you. >> this ended up being a deadly storm. how many died and what are authorities concerned about now? >> reporter: well, the state or the governor of the state of connecticut confirmed earlier today that at least five people have died storm-related deaths. the major concerns are power outages. utility companies here in connecticut are saying there are at least 40,000 people without power tonight. >> marlie hall, thank you so much. operations are still getting back to normal at airports across the northeast. at sfo, delays to and from the east coast were minimal today mostly because so many flights were canceled. boston logan airport is scheduled to reopen at 8:00 our time tonight. if you are flying to an area affected by the blizzard, you are still advised to check with
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your airline. the former los angeles police officer suspected in the vengeance killing of three people is still on the run. the search resumed this morning after a major snowstorm suspended it overnight. cbs reporter bobby caple is at big bear lake where people are scared. bobby. >> reporter: ann, that search for christopher dorner goes on tonight after 24 hours straight of snowfall in the big bear area. today, search crews getting a break from the weather but still no sign of dorner now three days into the manhunt. reporter: a foot of new snowmaking for a picture- perfect day on the slopes of bear mountain resort. just a few steps away, an intense manhunt rages on. >> everybody is scared to come up here even though we have all the snow. pretty crazy. >> reporter: for the first time in more than 24 hours, the snow stopped and skies cleared allowing crews to take to the air to search for murder suspect christopher dorner. >> there are two helicopters
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down there. it seems like a lot of chaos. >> reporter: tactical teams went through vacant cabins and vacation homes near the resort. >> it's crazy. people going on with their normal activities and over here people are scared. >> reporter: a law enforcement source says that investigators found three weapons and cold weather survival gear inside of dorner's burnt-out truck. that same source also says it doesn't preclude dorner from having more of both of those items. >> the topic of our conversation last night and this morning about what ways to prevent situations of danger. >> reporter: the barley family from san diego one of many coming to the mountain town in hopes of finding snow and not neighbors on edge. today, they found both. >> we went across the street to tell the neighbor we're leaving our car here, please don't tow it. she was very nervous. she couldn't talk to us until she realized it was a woman that was talking to her, it was like i wasn't going to get anything. >> reporter: and we have not
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heard anything today from the san bernardino county sheriff's office. they are the lead agency in this search. they canceled all of their press briefings so we really don't know what the next step is. we were just told yesterday by the sheriff's department that this search would continue until either they find dorner or they can rule out that he is in this area. live in big bear, bobby kaple, kpix 5. police in pleasant hill say a man held at least one person hostage during a robbery attempt at jack-in-the-box around 5:40 this morning on contra costa boulevard. one employee called police and said the man had a knife and tried the rob the restaurant. >> as soon as the officers got to the restaurant they were able to evacuate some of the employees from the front of the restaurant. at some point during the incident, he actually released another employee. >> about an hour later the suspect 41-year-old samuel guerrero of pittsburg surrendered voluntarily and was
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arrested. among the charges he is facing, robbery, kidnapping and false imprisonment. no one was hurt. tragedy outside at&t park. how a cyclist was killed in the collision with a cement truck. >> it's a fantastic day. the giants fan and a super day for me. >> tens of thousands get a chance of a lifetime to meet and shake hands with the san francisco giants.
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was killed this morning when she was hit and dragged by a cement truck. the crash happened around a cyclist riding near at&t park was killed this morning when she was hit and dragged by a cement truck. the crash happened around 9:30 at third and king streets as thousands of people were lining up for the san francisco giants fanfest. the victim has been identified as 48-year-old diane sullivan of san francisco. investigators are still trying to figure out how the crash happened. >> we're still interviewing witnesses and trying to get video footage so we can put the investigation together. >> sullivan was taken to a local hospital, where she died a short time later. police say the cement truck driver is cooperating with the investigation. they don't believe alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash. the 9ers may have lost the
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super bowl but the bay area is still basking in world series glory. spring training starts tuesday. anne makovec was at the giants fanfest today where thousands of fans turned out to greet the 2012 world champions. >> it's a fantastic day as a giants fan and super day for me. reporter: the lines started forming last night and grew to more than five blocks long for the morning all for the chance to see the giants in person. >> take the mindset as no one wants to shine brighter than the other. we all shine at one time or another. >> reporter: the world series trophies were shining as props for fan photos. >> i wanted to touch one. but they wouldn't let me. >> reporter: they waited in line for hours. >> yeah. hoping for someone cool. >> reporter: not knowing which rotated player would be signing autographs when it was their turn. >> we were waiting in line for pablo. we were getting pictures. and literally we're right here, he leaves. >> reporter: but another star player was around the corner. >> oh, my god, yes, so happy.
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love hunter pence. >> reporter: do you have a crush on him? >> of course! he's beautiful. >> reporter: it's easy to develop a crush on some of these guys once you're face to face. >> awesome. breathtaking . it was wonderful. he's hot. >> reporter: speaking of looks, pitcher tim lincecum is sporting a new one, short hair and glasses that he doesn't need to see. they don't even have a prescription. and fans are weighing in. >> very handsome. >> very fine. >> love it. >> even the glasses. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> i don't know. he's not lincecum anymore. like he was known for his hair and everything. >> reporter: the players just want to be known as world series champs. >> yeah, there's a lot of expectations. there's no doubt about it. but this is the position you want to be in. >> reporter: and to the fans? >> thank you for your unwavering support. you guys make it fun for us to come out every day. >> reporter: now they are heading to spring training their first time back at at&t park in late march for an exhibition game. in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. it's the eve of the year of the snake. how people in san francisco are
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getting ready to usher in tomorrow's lunar new year. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good evening, everybody. the sun is now beginning to set on another dry winter day here in the bay area. the next shot of rain and when you can expect it, as eyewitness news continues right here on kpix 5.
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the at&t par 5 show tomorrow after the tournament on kpix 5. love the new look amazing on gas. they're celebrating the chinese new year in beijing. fireworks went off across the city to welcome the "year of the snake." residents braved freezing tempe they are celebrating chinese new year in beijing. fireworks went off to welcome the year of the snake. residents braved freezing temperatures to set off
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fireworks thought to bring good fortune. in san francisco, the community clean team started its season off with a bang. hundreds of volunteers turned out at u.n. plaza. fireworks were set off for chinese new year and after that crews removed weeds and swept up trash. it's a tradition for the lunar new year. >> eight times a year we get together with about 300 volunteers and we pick an area of the city and we go out and we clean up that area usually by district. >> the clean team focuses its work today on the tenderloin, civic center and south of market area. okay. people in duluth, minnesota, turned out today to attempt the world record for the most snow angels ever made. more than 1800 people attended the event but that wasn't even close to topping the 9,000 snow angels record set in bismarck, north dakota, in 2007. organizers say that's okay. this event was for a good
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cause. they asked each participant to donate $5 towards bringing clean water to the people of ethiopia. it's going to be a long time before we in the bay area can attempt such a record like that. >> it's true. or even the greater lake tahoe area. not looking at any kind of snowfall through the forecast period right now which goes about 7 to 10 days out. >> wow. >> yes. it's a dry weather pattern and we'll continue to see nothing but dry conditions all the way through your next workweek. good evening, everybody. this is the scene -- oh, the sun just now hiding behind the horizon there. official sundown 5:42. the skies are seamless at this hour with wall-to-wall sunshine, temperature-wise it looks like, boy, we are seeing numbers that have been anywhere from 5 to 7 degrees warmer than what we experienced yesterday at this hour. 55 degrees in san jose. 58 degrees in santa rosa. and currently, it looks like we are 55 in livermore.
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today's numbers in and around our microclimates, it was 56 in pacifica, 60 in fairfield, again these temperatures averaging warmer than yesterday. tonight's overnight lows, banking between the freezing point in the santa rosa area, 37 degrees in san jose. and 38 in mountain view. mountain 40s across the central bay. now, this is the scene looking out from mount vaca where we do not even have a cloud on the horizon. tonight starry skies, patchy frost overnight. it will be on the sunny side up on sunday. seasonal temperatures will prevail. and the dry weather pattern will continue. take a look at this right now. you're seeing that area of low pressure that we experienced couple of days back pooling out of the southern california area after dumping snowfall in the grapevine. high pressure firmly in place as it does continue to dominate the west coast here in the san francisco area. we are looking at this dry weather pattern continuing so you might want to ask here, precipitation of normal stats,
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san francisco 93% right now at this present time compared to this time last year 43% of normal so we are substantially better than last year but nevertheless we have now fallen below 100% except in santa rosa at a healthy 103%. for your sunday, you might want to head to the coast where we have clear skies. 60 degrees, surface still on the rough side with rip current risk high. winds 15-mile-per-hour late day about 10. your sunday highs in california, 52 degrees in eureka, 50s in fresno, sacramento sunny dry skies 63 degrees. 35 and snowless in the greater lake tahoe area. temperatures tomorrow around our microclimates very similar to today if not even a couple of degrees warmer. mid-50s' beaches. upper 50s in san jose and concord, clayton and walnut creek. i'm going to walk you through
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this day by day because what do you see? absolutely nothing. [ laughter ] >> it looks like by thursday, we will start to see the warmest day of the workweek temperature-wise. when i look at that 69 on thursday, that means almost 70. and all i have been wanting all year is one 70-degree reading. meanwhile, temperatures begin to go down after that valentine's day on thursday. but overnight tonight, again, i think every time i sit next to you, i have to tell you to cover your plants because another freezing night in many of our inland locations. >> but pretty daytime temperatures. thank you. good golf weather? >> looking at that forecast looked like pebble beach weather down there. we are going to hear from dennis o'donnell in just a moment. boy, of all people atop the pro- am leaderboard, it's not bill murray, but the leader is homegrown. come on back.
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..and why not? with the roun vern says there's been some good golf at pebble beach but there's a homegrown leader. >> this guy not seen by the cbs cameras all day because he played on a different course. golf up top, folks. why not? with round 3 of the pebble beach pro-am all in the books, local player atop the leaderboard another postcard like day along the monterey
5:51 pm
peninsula. this is bill murray at pebble with harris barton from the super bowl and that's not what you do with them. not the trash can. 2011 pro-am winner here, got some game. long par effort and a big wet one for the camera. now, jim harbaugh did have one get away from him at 7. us weekend hackers know all about that but he made up for it. you will see that in a moment. phil mickelson showed us all how slippery it can be on the rocks. he triple bogeyed the 18th, 11 back of the lead. brandt snedeker two second place finishes the last two weeks, tore up the front nine in pebble. what a shot at 7. backed up to about 6 feet from the cup. snedeker would sink to go to 10- under for the tournament. at one point he made four birdies in the row the final at 9. fires a dart at the flag. that shot would help him to get
5:52 pm
to 12-under for the tournament. he shot a 4-under 68. his ninth straight round in the 60s. snedeker is tied with alameda's own james hahn the former cal star playing spyglass hill today away from the network tv cameras. the man who gave up the game and sold women's shoes at nordstrom at one point fired a 6-under 66. i'm not kidding. i'm not making it up. finished his round without a single bogey. chris kirk is one back followed by patrick reed and richard lee. you know dennis o'donnell was there. >> reporter: yeah, thanks, vern and what a round 3 here at the at&t pro-am and tomorrow's final round will come down to the great pairing. james hahn the rookie out of cal against the up and coming superstar on the pga tour, brandt snedeker. >> i'm hitting the ball well not putting myself in too many positions that are in bad spots and i'm making my way well around the course. if i can keep putting the way i
5:53 pm
have been, tomorrow will be fun. >> how much is in the back of your mind of trying to get into augusta? >> zero. i'm not even in next woke's tournament so for me a top 10 finish would be great. if you want to compare the north trust open to augusta we can but i would love to play another week out here on tour. >> you have improved your game now that you're a couple. >> yes, 100%. before i got married we would talk about what kind of flowers we needed for the wedding, table linen, i mean, how many married people are in this room? you know exactly what i'm talking about. and it's nonstop talk. >> let's go to 14. >> and coach harbaugh for a net eagle here. birdie net eagle! >> what would it mean for you to win this tournament? >> i don't know. i -- i -- if i win it i'll let you know. >> what will you do to get ready for the big day tomorrow, then, you know, for the big
5:54 pm
charge? >> uhm, hopefully get the kids to sleep early and get a good night's sleep. >> reporter: don't forget jim harbaugh on the pro-am side the 49ers coach just three back of the lead in that category. he has made the cut. look for us on the "par 5" post- game show tomorrow. back to you. >> looks like sound bites for a 49er press conference -- yeah. meantime, wisconsin trying to get it done at the expense of number 3 michigan. that is to force overtime. when michigan couldn't get it to drop, the badgers hold in madison 65-62. nhl three periods not enough for the sharks and coyotes to finish business. season debut for sharks brent burns. goalie dual. anthony says no, torres on the breakaway. 21 saves for nemo.
5:55 pm
counterpoint mike smith even better. sharks couldn't get anything by him, 33 saves for smith. smith has shut out the sharks four times in the last six games. to the shootout. couldn't get it through. but on the other hand, score on the empty and that's it. coyotes win 1-0 in the matinee game. the sharks now have lost four in a row. and look at this one in bakersfield last night. >> oh. >> this condor was supposed to be a prop for the national anthem and it gets away at the bakersfield condors hockey game. gets away, wreaks havoc, players, coaches, it just -- it just stopped play. trying to get away from this big fella. >> the bird is done! >> something you don't see every day at a hockey game. >> especially since the players are all suited up. it's not like the bird's going to get to them. but if that bird's coming out of me, i'd be ducking too. >> good night, folks, gone!
5:56 pm
>> thank you much. a disturbing statistic released by police in berkeley. the amount of rapes -- the number of rapes reported in the city nearly doubled in one year. we look at what may be behind the big increase. that and more tonight at 6:30. and that's it for kpix 5 at 5:30. we'll see you back here in half an hour and then of course 10 and 11. until then our news updates are on good night. captions by: caption colorado ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody. you know what, while we're waiting why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now? yeah go hide. go on buddy. one, two...
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>> axelrod: tonight, a >> tonight new clues in the california manhunt. police find guns and survival gear in the truck that belong to that former l.a. cop on the run. carter evans is track, the search. a powerful storm dumps up to three feet of snow across the northeast. highways are shut power's out. the suffer is surging. and our team of opponents have the least. michelle obama attends the funeral for a 15-year-old murder victim in chicago. dean reynolds has the story.
5:59 pm
and meet the meditation man. he thinks there ought to be a law to live more thoughtfully. he's in position to get one passed. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening, i'm jim axelrod. they're call the search for christopher dorner the most significant manhunt in california history. the fired los angeles cop who believe police is targeting them is thought to be in the mountains of of los angeles. investigators discovered new clues today in his burned out pickup truck. carter evans picks up the story. >> reporter: it's been more than two days since investigators discovered the burned out truck belonging to christopher dorner. inside that truck, police sources tell cbs news investigators recovered weapons include two long-range rifles with

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